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Why not an oil war?
by Bruno Caudana
2 March 2003

A war will be (probably) waged because oil is running out, and there is not enough of it for all the people on the Planet. Europeans and Americans, cannot live the way they do without oil. Either we, Western people, learn to live with 1/4 of what we use now, or we try to control the sources (i.e. oil producing countries) in order to secure the supply of oil to us.

Those who control oil will dictate the way to live and die on the planet for the next 30 years at least. Eventually, if we, people of the world, will have learned to live with less, and we will have reduced inequalities, and we will have completed whatever is necessary for the transition to a less energy intensive way of life and to rely on nuclear energy and renewable energy, maybe we will be able to survive with dignity. If we will not be able to manage the transition, there is a high probability that at least 3/4 of humanity will starve to extinction. Everyone of us may belong to that quota. Nobody is safe. Nuclear energy may be very dangerous because it is unlikely that we will be able to prevent all accidents and not to use nuclear technology to produce weapons.

I have little hope.

The long argument here:

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